Hello Fix (and Cherry Pulp),

My name is Ludovic and I am a student at Becode

I am

I would like to do it with you for 3 reasons :

  1. I like the technologies you use (Jquery, Angular, Wordpress,...)
  2. We have the same passion for the digital world
  3. I have a lot to learn from you
  4. I ♥ the projects you are involved in (87seconds, 20km, Oxfam, Credal,...)

(I know, that's 4 reasons. But everyone knows that for developers, one starts counting from 0)

Why would you enroll me as an intern ?

						if( you == 'Dev'){ 
  • - I am very motived and reliable
  • - I am eager to learn new things and improve my methodologies
  • - I just graduated from a bootcamp where I've learned the latest
    web technologies.